Create Cascarones (Confetti-filled Eggs) for Easter or Birthdays


What could be more festive than confetti-filled eggs? Breaking cascarones is a celebratory tradition in Mexico and the southwestern US. When you break the egg over someone’s head, they are showered with confetti (and good luck). Instead of an Easter egg hunt, how about an Easter egg chase? If you don’t want to use confetti, you can put a small toy, wrapped sweet or even birdseed in the egg (if you’re chasing and breaking outdoors, the wildlife can benefit too).


Start by making a small hole at one end of your eggs, either by gently tapping on a hard surface or by poking it with something sharp, like the poker included with our Egg Blower Kit. You can use tweezers to break off small pieces around the hole, making it larger (about the size of a quarter is good). Empty the white and yolk from the egg.


Next, dye your eggs. We use our Natural Easter Egg Dying Kit for this.


Let the eggs dry completely. While they’re drying you can make confetti.


Take 10-15 pieces of tissue paper (we used tissue paper) and, with the papers stacked on top of each other, cut out a 6 by 6-inch square. Cut the paper into narrow strips, about 1/8″ wide.


Scrunch the tissue up in your hands to make it curly.


When your eggs have dried completely, gather them together and get ready to stuff them with your confetti (or birdseed, or toy).


Being careful not to crack the eggs, gently stuff each one with confetti.


Cut a 1-inch by 1-inch square of tissue paper (or a size to cover the hole) for each egg. Apply white glue around the edge of the hole, then glue on a piece of the tissue paper.


Let dry. Your cascarones are ready to be smashed. Have fun chasing and cracking!