Paint a Rainbow of Wooden Easter Eggs


Turn wooden eggs into striking,  jewel-toned gems to use as Easter decor or to hide in an Easter egg hunt. Painting them is an easy and fun activity for kids of all ages, and the eggs can be reused year after year.

You’ll need Good Eggs, Stockmar Watercolor Paints, and a Paint Brush. To give your eggs a nice sheen, you’ll want some Beeswax Polish.


Begin by mixing the paint. Our Watercolor Paint Jars work beautifully for this, but you can use any glass container. Jars with lids work best so that you can save extra paint to be used another time. Place a dollop of watercolor paint in the jar and top with a bit of water. Mix thoroughly with a paint brush. You don’t want the mixture too thin, so add just a little bit of water to start. It should look opaque. Mix red with a touch of blue to make red violet, mix red and yellow to create orange, and mix yellow and blue to make a nice emerald green. You don’t need a lot of paint to cover the egg.


Paint your eggs! For a richer, darker color, wait for the egg to dry and add another coat of paint.


Rub each egg with some beeswax polish to create a lustrous sheen and seal the paint in. Your eggs are now lovely jewels, ready to be discovered. Happy hunting!