Knitting Fork Instructions

The knitting fork creates a lanyard of interwoven loops, just like the knitting created with a tower or two needles. You will create loops around the tines of the knitting fork and then “jump” the lower loops over the upper loops. The set-up of the yarn is the trickiest part, just as casting onto needles the first time can be challenging.

  • Thread your knitting fork with your ball of yarn below the fork, pulling the end of the yarn upward, toward you. With the thumb of the hand holding the fork, pin the end of the yarn in place.
  • Now you’ll make your first loops by creating a figure eight of yarn. From below, go outside and over the right tine, under then over the left, then under and over the right one more time. The ball-end of the yarn should be above and between the tines. Pinch this end between the fingers of the hand holding the fork.
  • You should have two loops of yarn on the right tine.
  • On the right tine, pull the lower loop of yarn over the lower and off the tine. This should leave the last loop you created on the right tine.
  • Holding the yarn firmly, flip the lucet from left to right. This means the tail end (not ball-end) of the yarn will now be under the knitting fork and the active end of the yarn will be facing you. Tug your first knot snug by pulling the yarn upward toward you.
  • Time for your next loop, which you will form around the right tine. Go around the back, up the outer edge and over to the middle with your yarn. Then, bring the old loop over the new loop. 
  • Flip your knitting fork from left to right again, and every time, pull the knot snug.
  • Repeat until your cord is as long as you would like.
  • When you’re ready to finish, cut your yarn about 12”  from the end of your work. Gently slip the last two knots off the tines of the fork. Pass the end of your yarn through and pull it tight.

If your first few attempts are loose or uneven, just know practice will give you a lovely four-sided cord. You can also unravel your work and start again until you are satisfied with the results.