Paint & Dye Speckled Easter Eggs


Make these pretty and realistic looking blue speckled eggs with our Natural Egg Dyes and a bit of brown paint. Start by hard boiling your eggs, and then dying them a pale blue (use the blue dye and leave them in for about 5 minutes). Set them aside to dry while you mix the brown paint.


We used  Stockmar Watercolor Paints to make the brown paint for the speckles: just mix equal parts red and yellow with a bit less blue. Don’t add too much water—you want it to be fairly thick so it doesn’t drip. When your eggs are ready for speckles, dip a stiff paintbrush in brown paint, pull the bristles back with your finger and release to flick specks of paint onto the eggs. You might want to practice on a piece of paper first to make sure your paint is the right consistency. Let the eggs dry, and then turn them to speckle the opposite side.


Make a nest for your eggs if you’d like! We used a Toddler’s Wooden Bowl and some Easter Grass Fleece to make this one.