Decorate Beeswax Eggs for Easter

Embellish egg candles with colored wax to create charming and bright Easter decor. Cutting out simple shapes and sticking them onto candles is an activity that young children can easily master, making the process both fun and rewarding. Let’s get started!beeswax-eggs-supplies

You’ll need a Beeswax Egg CandleDecorating Wax, and some Pattern Cutters. You might notice that your beeswax candle is covered with frost-like white spots; this is called “bloom” and is harmless—it’s actually a sign of pure, 100% beeswax. To make your candle smooth and shiny, simply rub off the bloom with your fingers or a cloth.


Using the pattern cutters, cut shapes out of the Decorating Wax by pressing firmly on the brass base of the cutter—then use the spring-loaded button to push the shapes out. Press them onto an egg candle in the design of your choosing. Parents can use a sharp knife to cut long, thin strips if stripes are desired.


Step back to admire your egg art. Happy Spring!