Craft an Easter Bunny Egg


We had one of these in our refrigerator for years when I was growing up and every Easter we would free it from its cold home and put it in a place of honor! The inside was, of course, all dried out, but it still looked fine from the outside! Here’s what you’ll need to make your own Easter Bunny Egg: A hard-boiled egg, card stock, brown, pink or grey paint (depending on what color you want your bunny to be), a small paintbrush, glue, and a cotton ball.

Download and use the template to cut out the base and 2 ears. I used card stock but any slightly heavy paper would work well. Put a dab of glue in the middle of the base and glue the egg to it, lining up the egg so the larger end is on the same side with the larger feet!

Fold the bottom of the ears over and glue them to the egg.


Paint the bunny and the ears (you can also paint the ears before gluing if you’d like). I left the narrow front of the egg white for the bunny’s face but feel free to experiment! The brown paint was made using a mixture of red, yellow and blue watercolor paint (just add a bit less blue, and keep it pretty thick). I made the grey paint with a tube of white paint and a little black watercolor paint from a paint box.  Cut out whiskers and a little nose and paint them. Once they are dry, glue them onto the bunny nose.

 Finally, paint on little eyes! Glue a cotton ball to the back of the bunny to make the fluffy tail. Place him or her on your seasonal table and enjoy!