Stained Glass Window Egg


These little gem-like eggs will be bright spots in your home this spring as the sunshine floods through them. They’re very simple to makeā€”all you’ll need is card stock or heavy paper, glue, a brush and tissue paper. We used our wonderful Art Tissue Paper, which comes in a great range of colors.


Start by printing out our Stained Glass Window Egg template onto card stock (or feel free to make an egg frame of your own design!). Kids might like to paint or color the cardstock before cutting it out for a more colorful frame. Cut around both the outside and inside line of both eggs to create your frame. Cut up some small squares and strips of tissue paper to be your stained glass pieces.


Glue a square of white or light-colored tissue paper across one of the frames. Using a paintbrush and school glue (you can thin it just a little with a bit of water), place a square of colored tissue onto the egg and dab it gently with the glue.


Continue adding bits of colored tissue until the egg is covered. Then glue the top frame on. Trim the excess tissue around the edges. Let the egg dry, then press it in the pages of a book with a heavy weight on top. Once flattened, hang your stained glass egg in a window where it might catch some spring sunshine.