The Box it Comes In

Nova Natural box open ended play

It’s so common, it’s become a cliché: Give a kid a toy and they play with the box. To us, there’s nothing wrong with that. Nothing at all. While a toy often suggests a use, even if it’s as open-ended as a set of wooden blocks or a doll, a box can become most anything in a child’s imagination. Add in some crafting materials, crayons and a building cloth or two and the possibilities become endless.

Don’t get us wrong. We love toys and the delight they bring to children. We enjoy seeing the way that children develop empathy, dexterity and creativity using their playthings, but we know that the most important things in a child’s life aren’t things at all. Rather, they’re loving parents, grandparents and other caregivers and the opportunities they provide to explore and enjoy the world.

Running fast. Climbing trees. Swinging. Lying in the grass and simply being.

It’s because we know that toys aren’t the most important things in a child’s life that we believe that they should both last and be made of natural materials. That way, when play with toys is through and the child has moved on, toys in good shape can be used by another child, others can be repaired and reconditioned, unlike their plastic counterparts. Natural toys that are truly worn out will decompose and not be a long-term problem like those made of plastic and containing electronics or batteries.

So don’t be disappointed if the first toy they play with this holiday season is a box. With toys like ours it won’t be long before they’re enjoying their new doll, blocks, dollhouse or play kitchen.