Make a Pop Up Heart Card for Valentine’s Day

Looking for a creative alternative to store-bought Valentines? Get out your favorite crayons or colored pencils, and create these whimsical pop-up cards for whomever you’re sweet on. You’ll need to print out our Pop Up Heart Card template before you begin (for the best results, print on card stock). The Valentines shown here were made with our Lyra Colored Pencils.

Color in the outer and inner parts of the card.  Include a Valentine’s message if you’d like. Then cut out the cards along the outside lines.

Fold the outer card in half and set it aside. Fold the inner card in half, but only halfway: from the bottom of the card up to the bottom tip of the heart. Crease.

Now fold it in half the other way, with the colored portion on the outside. Only fold down the center of heart, then stop. Crease. Open the card back up and fold half of the heart down along the dotted line (as shown above, right).

You’re almost done! Now fold the other half of the heart down along the dotted line. The heart should fold down into the card and be invisible. If a little piece of the heart is peeping up above the card, you can trim it off.

Now glue the inner and outer card together, with the un-colored sides together (don’t glue behind the heart). When you open the card, the heart will pop up!

Download the Template!

Enjoy this craft by downloading and printing out the Pop Up Heart Card template.

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